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    Joseph's House of Russellville

    Our Mission
    To support the foster and adoptive families and children
    of Pope County, Arkansas and the surrounding areas.

Our Vision

To implement programs that sustain and create a positive impact on the everyday burdens of foster families and foster children.

Our Principles

Demonstrate God's Love

Be THE Church

Provide Programs that Overcome Obstacles

Promote Hope In and For the Family

Build Better Families In Our Community

Promote and Support the Foster/Adoptive Community

Who We Are

Joseph’s House of Russellville rallies and partners with our community to provide programs that help overcome the obstacles of foster children, and being a foster child, in the River Valley Area of Arkansas. We walk alongside our families to help them more easily meet the needs of our children. With YOUR support, we can continue to build a strong foster family community so all our children can stay close to where they call home. Through continued planning and expansion, we will be able to serve the families of our foster children, making permanent impact and changing generational outcomes for the stronger and more stable family unit.

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Joseph's House of Russellville

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Our Team

Rebecca and David Barton

Rebecca and David Barton

Rebecca - President | David - Vice President / David as Co-Chair to Treasurer

Founders | Founding Board Members

Kimberly and Holten Lee

Kimberly and Holten Lee

Holten - Public Relations | Kim - Facility Coordinator

Founding Board Members

Pam and Tony Lee

Pam and Tony Lee

Pam - Secretary | Tony - Treasurer

Founding Board Members

Jamie and Josh Holmes

Jamie and Joshua Holmes

Jamie and Josh - Event Coordinators for Foster Children and Parents | Joshua - In-house Graphic Design

Founding Board Members

Jennifer and Richard Rogers

Jennifer and Richard Rogers

Jennifer - Donations Chairperson | Richard - Operations Coordinator

Founding Board Members

Allie and CJ Smith

Allie and C.J. Smith

Allie - Volunteer Coordinator | C.J. - Fundraising

Board Members since 2018

Looking to Make a Difference?

Programs and Online Giving

Joseph's House of Russellville is proud to offer a wide variety of programs for both foster children and the foster parents! Your help is greatly appreciated and makes a world of difference to those who benefit from these programs.

The Shops | For Girls, Boys, and Teens

The Shops are one of our largest and longest running programs. It allows for foster parents to shop for their foster children at NO COST anytime of day or night. We accept gently used to brand new, in style clothing in sizes ranging from newborn to adult medium. We also accept shoes. This program has a small budget that supplements our community's donations. If you love to shop, especially for deals, this is the program you want to sponsor!

The Lending Room

The Lending Room is second of our two most utilized programs. It allows foster parents to borrow items (baby/toddler/preschool equipment) that they do not have budget to purchase, or space to store, themselves. This enables foster families to widen the age range they accept, or to have more than one baby, toddler, or preschooler at a time. This program is requires a budget that helps maintain and add items each year. This program’s budget comes from moms and dads like you, that get how much stuff it really takes to raise a kid!

Parent Night Out

Parent Night Out is hands down our most important program! Through this program, each set of foster parents (or our single foster moms/dads), receive a gift card for a night out without the kids. It’s essential to get away, reconnect, and refuel, so they can continue to give their best to their kids. This program relies on our generous donors that love to buy hard working parents a dinner out on the town!

Parents Pantry

Parents Pantry allows for foster parents to supplement their budget with personal care items for their foster children, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, etc., at NO COST. This helps tremendously when budgets are tight due a change in season, a child’s growth spurt, etc. Parent’s Pantry is made possible through various donations drives, a small budget, and volunteers that love to organize!

Pick Up Bags

Pick Up Bags are ready and available to DCFS staff when a child comes into foster care. They can drop by our facility and grab a bag for each child. The bag contains some personal care items, a blanket, stuffed toy, and a small toy. They can add whatever clothing to the bag, so each child has something when dropped off at their first foster placement. This program relies on a small budget and volunteers that assemble these bags with lots of love!

Baker's Rack

Baker's Rack is a new program. It’s still in it’s beginning stages, but so far is a big hit! Sometimes foster parents need an extra pair of hands when taking on, or dealing with, extra kids. This program supplies homemade goodies and meals to foster homes. This is our way of helping out! We are ALWAYS in need of bakers, chefs, and people that love on others with yummy food!

Annual Marriage Retreat

Our Annual Marriage Retreat is as important as our Parent’s Night Out Program! Foster parents go through, and deal with, so much on a day to day basis. Over time this creates wear and tear on anyone’s marriage. We dedicate a full day to this event that pours back into their marriage, making them stronger and better parents for their journey as foster parents. This event is made possible through donations, finances, and hearts that want to give to those that love on others.

Quarterly Events

Each quarter, we host an event for foster families. Yes, the whole gang is invited…mom, dad, biological kids, adopted kids, and foster kids! These events create an important support community among foster families, which is a must! This is how our foster families do what they do every day. These events rely on in kind donations, a small budget, volunteers, and a lot of fun!

Help Fund

This is our most favorite way to say “YES!” This is budgeted for those special circumstances that allow us to pour into Pope County and its kids and foster homes. We use these funds to help provide beds for kids, special equipment for foster homes, suits/dresses for teen foster kids that want to go to a school dance, cleats and a uniform for a foster kid that’s an athlete, and SO many more things! A simple yes can restore hope in a kid that has so little. This program is funded by private donors and "behind the scene" givers just like you!

“Joseph’s House has been a blessing for our family. It gives us a resource we can depend on to help fill in the gaps of any of our needs when our budget from the state is gone! Joseph’s House is definitely a God send for foster families!”
-Patty, Therapeutic Foster Mom

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Please note that the location of our facilities are not made public for the safety and privacy of our foster children and foster families. If you would like to contact us by mail, please use the P.O. Box address listed below:

Joseph’s House of Russellville
P.O. Box 10896
Russellville, AR 72812

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